The Story Of Air Jordan Shoe and the Michael Jordan | What was Nike originally called?


Nike the maker of Air Jordans. It is an American global brand that is involved in manufacturing, designing and in worldwide marketing. Nike is the most well known sneaker and shoe brands in the world. Earlier Nike was basically called Blue Ribbon Sports, It was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and the company changed its name to Nike in 1971. Nikes headquarter is located in Beaverton, Oregon city located in the United States. Nike got early success because of its collaboration with the association of Running Boom of the 1970s. Nike’s collab with Michael Jordan in the 1980s put Nike on the track.

The Story of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan shoe

In 1984, Nike Signed a shoe contract with Michael Jeffrey Jordan both were not knowing that it would change their fortunes. He is an American basketball player and businessman. He was an unbeatable player in the NBA, and he was known for his agility, leadership ability, and his competitive spirit. Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).Nike designed a shoe for Michael Jordan named as the Air Jordan, and by originating this it was an immediate success for the company.

The Nike Air Jordan was the first basketball, and it was only shoe to feature Nike’s Air technology, which provided comfort and support. The shoes that were made to look stylish, and a rise in time made it a status symbol among the basketball players and fans. The Air Jordan shoe helped Nike to take the company at another level and make Nike to a noticeable force in the sneaker industry. When the shoe was released, Nike released a large amount of different air Jordan models, and in the rise of time they all became very popular. By today’s date Air Jordans are still popular, and Air Jordans are a major source of revenue for Nike.

Global Expansion and Branding

Nike’s brand value was not only in United States it was ruling around the world. Nike started it sales all over the world, and company captured the attention of sneaker devotees worldwide. Nike was using strong strategies to connect with audience. The ephocal Swoosh logo of Nike along with advertising campaigns which were stunning , and it helped company to make themselves a noticeable and initiative brand identity among the people. The company’s involvement in social and cultural campaigns it helped Nike to create its position as a successful brand that accommodate with consumers on a deeper level.

Why Air Jordans Are Expensive?

The Air Jordans are expensive for many reasons. First Jordan’s are made with high quality and expensive materials, such as leather and suede. Second Jordan’s are high in demand and this reason makes the high rise in price. Third, Nike Usually releases Jordan’s in Limited-Edition version’s, which increases the and demand of the shoe and the price.


Air Jordan’s are a sign of basketball shoes made for Michael Jordan and the fans of Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan’s were designed by Tinker Hatfield and Nike first released it in 1984. The Nike’s Air Jordan are known as most successful and popular shoes in the history. Jordan’s have worn by many basketball players around the world. Air Jordan’s are popular for many reasons. They provide comfort, they are stylish and they also provide excellent performance. The Air Jordan’s are also used for status symbol, and they are used to show off one’s wealth. Air Jordan’s are a symbol of Michael Jordan’s Brave spirit and greatness and it.

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